The Gifted and Talented Organization of Rockwall (GATOR) is excited to support the youth of Rockwall County and would like your assistance.  GATOR is an independent non-profit organization formed to support the RISD Selected Academically Gauged Education (SAGE) program (more about SAGE here). 


Among our organizational goals:

  • To support SAGE activities, field trips, performances, etc.

  • To encourage a high level of achievement for the SAGE program and its members.

  • To assist with learning experiences that support the Gifted and Talented students’ social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

  • To provide a community of support between parents, students, and staff in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and respect.

   We have identified the following specific targets for CY 2021:

  • Expand SAGE English program into freshman year, which requires teacher development and training.  
  • Create a scholarship program for former Gifted and Talented members advancing to college. 
  • Develop partnerships with companies and organizations using emerging technologies and business practices to create inspiring growth opportunities for the students.


Make a donation here.


100% of all donations will go towards educators and students.  (Tax ID Number (EIN) 84-4387694)






If you are interested in a named endowment related to either of these targets, or have ideas of your own how you would like to support, please contact our Director of Fundraising directly at or 512-623-9966 to discuss.