In partnership with RISD leaders, GATOR would like to announce the 

Sponsor A Teacher campaign!


We are actively working to sponsor two RISD teachers to attend Confratute in July 2022. Our goal is $1,600 to support our SAGE teachers. Please consider sponsoring an educator today!


Become a sponsor here.


Confratute Offers:

 A VARIETY OF STRANDS that are intensive, week-long mini-courses.

 MINI-KEYNOTES about relevant research and trends in regular and gifted education.

 INVITED SPEAKERS who are authors and researchers such as Joseph Renzulli, Sally Reis, Susan Baum, Marcia Gentry, Sandra Kaplan, Jann Leppien, Rachel McAnallen, and Del Siegle.

 SPECIAL TOPIC SESSIONS on a variety of topics such as creativity, thinking skills, underachievement, and more.

 EVENING FORUM SESSIONS to help you develop individual action plans for talent development and differentiation.

 SEM LEADERS FORUM strands on curriculum development and more, designed for principals and administrators.

More about Confratute here.


The Gifted and Talented Organization of Rockwall (GATOR) is excited to support the youth of Rockwall County and would like your assistance.  GATOR is an independent non-profit organization formed to support the RISD Selected Academically Gauged Education (SAGE) program (more about SAGE here). 


Among our organizational goals:

  • To support SAGE programs and activities, field trips, performances, etc.

  • To encourage a high level of achievement for the SAGE program and its members.

  • To assist with learning experiences that support the Gifted and Talented students’ social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

  • To provide a community of support between parents, students, and staff in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and respect.

   We have identified the following specific targets for 2021-2022:

  • Expand the SAGE program district-wide.  

  • Create a scholarship program for former Gifted and Talented members advancing to college. 

  • Develop partnerships with companies and organizations using emerging technologies and business practices to create inspiring growth opportunities for the students.



Become a sponsor here.




100% of all donations will go towards educators and students.  (Tax ID Number (EIN) 84-4387694)






If you are interested in a named endowment related to either of these targets or have ideas of your own how you would like to support, please contact our Director of Fundraising directly at or 512-623-9966 to discuss.